Quick History
Marathon Infants & Toddlers Home Based Early Intervention Program has been serving more than 2,000 NYC children and their families every year since 1995. Our program is an outgrowth of the Marathon Childhood Center (1991-1998), three special education preschools that served children two to five years of age in a center based program. In our home based program, we provide services in children’s homes, nurseries, day care centers and other convenient community settings. During Semptember 2013 Marathon Infants & Toddlers began to offer selected services in Nassau County.

Approvals and Contracts
Marathon Infants & Toddlers is approved by the New York State Department of Health to provide service coordination, evaluation and home and community services in New York State. We provide these services in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. In Nassau County we provide service coordination and treatment services.

Dr. Bernard Esrig has been serving as Executive Director of Marathon Infants & Toddlers since 1995. Prior to that he had more than 40 years experience leading Marathon Childhood Center from 1991 to 1998 and holding various administration positions in the New York City Public School System. Dr. Esrig is married to a former teacher and present day artist and is the grandfather of four boys and two girls.

Ms. Anita Giuliani, Associate Director of Marathon Infants & Toddlers is trained as a school psychologist and has worked in numerous capacities with children first at the Marathon Childhood Center from 1991 to 1998 and since 1995 in the home based early intervention program. Ms. Giuliani is married to a practicing psychologist, university professor in Special Education and author. She is also the mother of two children.

Our People
At present, Marathon Infants & Toddlers has available more than 250 professionals, service coordinators, therapists and evaluators, to meet the needs of children and their families as they are referred to us.

"Our Early Intervention program is funded and regulated by the New York State Department of Health."